My Member Center


Organizations were in need of a centralized hub where their members could have access to free business resources and tools to help their business grow as a membership perk. Members would need to be able to seamlessly sign up for tools and resources without needing customer service assistance to complete the transaction. In addition to simple sign-ups, the platform would need to be customizable by the organization.


App Design
UX/UI Design


My Member Center is a small-business services hub provided by organizations as a perk to their members. In My Member Center, the organizations are allowed to customize content and posts as well as white-label the appearance. The application provides members seamless sign-up for vendors services and tools from start to finish, using one-click activations to access business savings opportunities, marketing services, hiring services and more. Members are either taken through a stepped process where they can upload necessary documents for approval, or instantly activated and provided an SSO link to their tool. In addition to the tools services, the members are also provided with a homepage that organizations can use for displaying content, blog posts, external links, member interaction lists, and events. With this project, I designed the branding, UX designs, and directed the front-end development.