I'm a Digital and Print Designer that breaks down the barriers of trade. My goal is to help you put on the best face for your business or venture.


I love being a designer — my individuality shines through my work and reflects my personality.

My eyes focus on the art and design in the world. As I sit on the ‘L’ to commute into work, I notice myself being inspired by the intricate shapes, textures, and colors I see around me. While one might see a simple bench, I see an alignment of shapes; how they contrast with the cool gray of the train walls; how their scale is lost in the crowd; all while baring the purpose to deliver an individual to their destination. I have the ability to absorb these many visual representations within my surroundings and reflect them in the designs I create. My goal is to produce a design that tells a unique story through simple, elegant, and engaging aesthetics.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding & Identity
  • Digital Marketing
  • Animation Design
  • Web Design
  • Print Design
  • Light Agile Developing
  • User Interface Design ( UI )
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Information Architecture
  • Online Marketing
Why Knot Untangler?

Knot untangling is problem solving! In order to untangle a knot, you must envision an end result to work towards. I follow the path of the string in order to carefully and strategically unravel the knot. Like knot untangling, I utilize problem-solving to consider what a client needs by combining research, creative brainstorming, and implementation to reach the end goal.

About Me

I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life, but am currently living with my husband, Peter, and my cat, Carrot, in the neighborhood of Logan Square in Chicago, Illinois. I enjoy camping, biking, listening to music, acquiring massive amounts of footwear, cooking and baking (but failing at baking), and watching British period dramas. You know… basic stuff. Check out my Spotify playlist to see what I’m listening to:

Located in Chicago, Illinois

Available for freelance