Portage Fare – Revel Carting


Revel Systems, on online ordering system, occasionally has requests from customers about including customization and branding in the software. Revel suggested Fulton Works to come up with a way to include a custom branding solution that integrates their ordering system without taking the customer out of the carting process and into the Revel system software.


Web Design
Mobile Design



A mockup ordering platform was designed and implemented using Revel’s API. The UX focuses on directing the user through the carting process, which consists of choosing a location, picking takeout/delivery, ordering, and checking out. The mockup design is a fictional restaurant called Portage Fare. The Portage Fare logo is representational of a picnic square, symbolizing take-out or dining al fresco. Programming modules are created using the Agile Methodology integrating SASS and HTML. The layout uses elements from Semantic UI React.

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